Mike Ball 7 night Coral Sea

Coral Sea Safari

  • Ribbon Reefs | Cod Hole | Coral Sea
  • 26 Dives - Novice to Advanced divers
Inc. all levies & taxes

Mike Ball 7 night Coral Sea Info

Mike Ball 7 Night Coral Safari combines the 4 night Fly Dive Coral Sea and 3 night Fly Dive Cod Hole itineraries. The 450 mile Coral Sea Safari includes some of the best dive sites on Australia’s Great Barrier and Coral Sea.

Duration: 7 Nights / 6 Days
Departs: Thursday 6pm, Cairns Trinity Wharf.
Returns: Thursday 8am, Cairns Trinity Wharf, complimentary transfers to inner city hotels.

Dive the Ribbon Reefs including the Acropolis and Cod Hole plus Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea.

Details: All diving is conducted 100 miles north of Cooktown at the sites most likely to encounter big fish action, grey reef sharks, silvertip sharks and hammerheads as well as manta rays and minke whales (June/July). You begin by swimming with diver size fish at the world famous Cod Hole. Overnight you venture out to the crystal clear waters and plummeting walls in the Coral Sea. Witness the exciting shark feed, you can photograph these sleek high order predators at close-range or not so close! The second half of this expedition is within the sheltered waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Includes the amazing Acropolis. Here, you see the best concentrations of pristine corals, colourful tropical fish and rare critters.

Summary: Best Adventure & Biodiversity. 26 Dives.
Diving Experience: Novice to Advanced Divers.


Thursday: Check-in and Departure

  • 7:00pm Cruise overnight to the magnificent Ribbon Reefs, the first stop on your 700km dive odyssey

Friday: Ribbon Reef #9 - Pixie Gardens, Cod Hole

  • Buddy up with diver size fish that dive with you at the Cod Hole!
  • Swim with giant potato cod, napoleon wrasse and moray eels
  • Night dive where decorator crabs, egg cowry shells, moray eels and crayfish are just a few of the creatures you can find

Saturday & Sunday: Coral Sea - Osprey Reef

  • Cruise 100 miles overnight to Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea
  • Enjoy 40 meter (132ft) visibility with spectacular walls disappearing to 1000metres
  • At North Horn swim with giant potato cod, napoleon wrasse, moray eels, tuna and barracuda
  • Witness the resident shark population including grey whalers, whitetip reef sharks, silvertips and hammerheads
  • Find the caves, overhangs and spectacular walls adorned with huge soft coral trees and gorgonian fans
  • Night dive

Monday: Lizard Island & Ribbon Reef #10 & #9 – Cod Wall, Cod Hole, Challenger Bay

  • Climb “Cook’s Look” at Lizard Island where Captain Cook searched for safe passage through the reef.
  • Explore the rarely dived Cod Wall at the outer reef edge that disappears into 60 meters (200ft).
  • Shallow but fantastic, Challenger Bay is extremely rich in biodiversity from spectacular coral gardens and unusual critters through to large schooling fish. Great night dive location… watch out for Baza the Barra!

Tuesday: Ribbon Reef #9, #5, #4 - Lighthouse Bommie, Pixie Pinnacle, Andy’s Postcard, Clam Beds, Vertical Gardens

  • Circumnavigate Pixie Pinnacle and Lighthouse Bommie shrouded in fusilier baitfish.
  • Rising from 80 meters the pinnacle of Andy’s Postcard is encrusted in had corals, lion fish, nudibranchs, octopus, schooling trevally and barracuda.
  • Night dive.

Wednesday: Ribbon Reef #3 - Flare Point, Joani’s Joy, Steve’s Bommie

  • Spiral majestic coral pinnacles teeming with diverse marine life.
  • See huge schools of baitfish stalked by barracuda, mackerel and trevally.
  • Anticipate spectacular coral gardens, spotted rays, reef sharks and green turtle sightings.

Thursday: Dock back into Cairns

  • Early morning docking at Trinity Wharf - Cairns, breakfast, 8:00am courtesy transfers to Cairns city hotels.

Prime dives sites - GUARANTEED!

Spoilsport’s outstanding stability minimizes disruption to your itinerary and your scuba diving experience. If weather forces an itinerary change we divert to the best, ‘safe, accessible sites’ to ensure you get the best scuba diving available.


  • Premium Cabin: Double or Queen bed, private bathroom and ocean views
  • Standard Cabin: Two single beds, private bathroom and ocean views (mid vessel)
  • Club Cabin: Two single bunk beds, private bathroom (mid vessel, less motion)
  • Budget Cabin: Two single bunk beds, shared bathroom facilities (front of vessel)


  • Low level flight to Cairns
  • Dives at Ribbon Reefs, Cod Hole & Coral Sea
  • Accommodation
  • Tanks and weight belts
  • Sheets, towels and linens
  • Complimentary soft drinks
  • Three meals daily, plus snacks
  • Aussie BBQ and party night
  • Transfer only to your accommodation in Cairns City

All Gear Hire includes: (extra cost)

  • Reg, Ocy, Gauges
  • BCD
  • Computer
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Light/Torch/Cyalume
  • Wetsuit
  • Safety Sausage (SMB)

New (1 year old) BCD's and regulators are supplied to guests in Premium and Standard cabins who rent equipment.


  • Flying After Diving - the surface interval between the last dive completed at 5pm and flying at 9.30am is 16.5 hours, which exceeds the DAN minimum requirement of 12 hours. An additional safety feature is that Skytrans flys below 1000ft, weather permitting.
  • Depth guidelines are based on the diver’s experience and industry standards. The maximum recommended depth for divers with appropriate experience is 40 metres (132ft). Dives in excess of 40 metres (132ft) to a maximum of 50 metres (165ft) can only be undertaken by divers with a minimum experience of 100 dives with 25 deeper than 30 metres (100ft) including one to a depth within 3 metres of dive being undertaken.
  • Luggage: 25kg / 55lbs, max weight of any bag. On Fly/Dive itineraries: 25kg / 55lbs, allowance per person plus 3kg / 5.5lbs carry-on allowance, OR 10kg / 22lbs - for professional photo / video housed system. You can leave items in excess at Mike Ball office.
  • All itinerary details are subject to change, specific marine life cannot be guaranteed.

GREAT NEWS! All payments made to Travstar do not incur a credit card surcharge.

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